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Olive Grove


The Rosenthal family has been farming in California’s agriculturally rich San Joaquin Valley for three generations. Our family began farming grapes in the 1930’s, which we still continue to grow today. In 2008, we dedicated acreage to growing Arbosana and Koroneiki olives specifically for olive oil and to diversify our crops.


Hard work and a commitment to the quality of growing grapes in those early years helped to instill a love for the land and a dedication to the crops that it produced. With each successive generation, new technology has been incorporated into our farming practices in an effort to make us more efficient and deliver the absolute highest quality products to our customers and consumers.

Our olive groves are nestled in the heart of California just south of the town of Madera where the soil and climate are ideal for delivering the finest quality olive oil. Our olives are planted in a super high-density system, designed specifically for olive oil and are harvested mechanically with state-of-the-art equipment. Once harvested, they are then transported to the mill within 24 hours where they are cold pressed to capture the intense fresh flavor of our award winning oil.

Today, the Rosenthal family farming tradition carries on with an unwavering commitment to growing only the very best products from our family to yours.

Our intense full-bodied oil is very versatile and pairs well with a wide variety of dishes.


Visit our recipe page to try some of our favorite family dishes.

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